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Siberian wood products factory MIRABILIS
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О компании

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  • Russia

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2 years и 10 months

О компании Siberian wood products factory MIRABILIS

Our production is located in an ecologically clean place of the Siberian taiga.

We offer a wide range of handmade Siberian cedar products.

Such as:

Volume puzzles, balancers, figures, cars, sculptures, paintings, caskets, souvenirs.

Cutting boards: end, simple

More than 300 positions.

Our products are made of solid Siberian cedar. Impregnated with linseed oil with mineral pigments.

Everything is only natural, no colors, no varnish.

The products are warm, pleasant tactile sensations from touching them, they smell delicious.

We do not use laser, CNC machines in production, only manual work, only the warmth of our hands.

Products are well polished, the edges are rounded. Material Siberian cedar. And cedar, as you know, has many useful properties that are stored in our products, because we do not paint or varnish them. “A beautiful texture, a pleasant pink color and a constantly distinguished delicate aroma that heals and disinfects the air in the room.

Cedar wood, releasing disinfecting, biologically active substances, is able to relieve many ailments: nervous tension, headaches, respiratory tract diseases.

Cedar wood products

- releasing volatile, disinfect the space around

- strengthen the body, beneficially affecting the respiratory system, as well as on the nervous and cardiovascular systems

- produce a tonic effect

- have a preventive effect against many diseases.

Production of wooden products from cedar without the use of chemicals (varnishes and dyes). Valuable wood, natural material from the very heart of Siberia.